Saturday, October 1, 2011

fullness of time

Music for this session: Pink Floyd The Wall, Teaching Company Lecture on Hitler's Empire.

Perseverance in the face of anxiety. I felt like ants were crawling under my skin for a couple days. There are too many demands on one's time, others breeze through life, one feels jealousy at their easy passage. They look as happy as people on TV.  Ha. The truth is we are all involved in a great struggle. I am just a local example of the universal.
  Feel pretty stupid moaning about having to paint! Talked to an old friend who has been sleeping on couches and holding several part-time jobs. He is getting his feet under him and we talked about how much he is anticipating his own place, a place with a key. I am an idiot for not appreciating every aspect of my unbelievable luck!
  Got quite a bit done despite having malaise, ennui, funk, blues, anxiety, etc. I got James Jean's "Rebus" book in the mail and am as always happy to be a human every time I see his work. Stunning. Drank coffee and gazed in respect and admiration for an hour before starting to paint my own stuff.

Gotta keep gettin up. Paint more. Paint better. Get on up. Get on uppa.


  1. These interiors are crazy. Its crazy how aggressive the brushwork gets-tight tight tight-blammmm-reject and explode

  2. Haha, awesome description! I agree.

  3. From where I see it you have more persistence and hard work than luck. And it looks like it has paid off! Keep up the good work adam. You just got a new follower on your blog.

    Mucho Respecto.