Friday, December 23, 2011

I've got one word for your son, plastic

Happy Holidays all!I am working on many shows and have a very full year ahead of me, including a show in London in April, Its at Rook and Raven Gallery in Soho.  I have two paintings in Process for the Affordable art fair in January. They are both of figures under plastic sheets. I think all the symbolism is pretty clear: commodity, packaging, layers of ego, we are suffocating under the weight of our consumer culture,etc. Mostly I am interested in the challenge and beauty of painting figures under transparent material. There is blurring and sharpness, surface and reflection, cast shadows, interesting shapes. Its in the grand tradition of drapied figures that goes back to the Greeks but using a modern material. Here are a couple in process.

 Sorry I have not been posting! I will keep it up and add new work once a week or more, promise. Be kind to all you meet on your journey, its all we really have.