Sunday, November 4, 2012

For Immediate Release:
Contact Shooting Gallery- Justin Giarla

Shooting Gallery Presents:

Empty Room
New Works by Adam Caldwell


Shooting Gallery is pleased to present Empty Room, new works by Adam Caldwell, featuring eight large oil paintings, including two triptychs. The opening reception will be Saturday, November 10th, from 7-11pm, and is free and open to the public for viewing through December 8th, 2012.

Empty Room acts as a continuation and culmination of the series Caldwell has been working on since the beginning of the year, addressing the concept of Cartesian Dualism and its impact on Western society. The landscapes and interiors of Empty Room show the breakdown of culture in the grip of these ideas, with figures and scenes that span history to meet in a composite framework of destruction. With a fluid approach to photorealism, Caldwell creates images that seem to meld into and out of each other, united only in the feelings of struggle and loss their visages evoke.

From the artist:

“These paintings are centered on the idea that the mind and body are separate things. In the west there has been a traditional boundary between the physical and the mental. This division is seen in Christianity as the separation of body and spirit and has profound implications for how we perceive the self and the world. The body is seen as shameful and Nature is fallen from grace while the mind or spirit exists in a state of potential purity and perfection. In philosophy Descartes famously defended the idea of dualism. I wanted to examine these ideas and show how badly they have affected our culture, influencing everything from legal decisions about responsibility, the destruction of the environment, to our very concept of identity. I also intend this show to be a critique of technology and its deteriorating effects on the notion of self.

In the paintings, pieces of history, broken and abandoned buildings, isolated figures, lines of text about dualism, advertising, and machinery all collide. The space and scale of the paintings are broken up. The light can come from multiple sources. These elements convey the flickering, fragmented world we have inherited and symbolize the life that exists within the context of a split between the mind and the body, between the self and the rest of nature.”

Adam Hunter Caldwell graduated from the California College of Art with a double major in Fine Art and Illustration in 1998. Post-graduation found Caldwell explored various avenues in the arts – illustration, storyboarding, and concept art – but did not feel at home with commercial work. In 2001, he began teaching full-time at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco which allowed him to work without any constraints and experiment in various forms of drawing, collage, and multi-media work.

The Shooting Gallery opened its doors in 2003 to the historic Tenderloin district of San Francisco, known for its lively street culture. Growing up in Southern California gave owner and curator, Justin Giarla, a love for everything lowbrow: pop art, street art, outsider art, punk rock album art, comic book art, surf/skate art and hot rod culture. Giarla recognizes how important it is to provide lowbrow artists with a platform for their work, which is exactly what Shooting Gallery has done for nearly a decade. 

Media Opportunities:
Interview with Adam Caldwell  
Interview with owner/founder/curator Justin Giarla
High-resolution images available upon request

Event Information:
Empty Room by Adam Caldwell  
Opening Reception – Saturday, November 10th, 7-11 pm
On View Through December 8th, 2012
@ Shooting Gallery (
839 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Giclee prints for sale

 Giclee Fine art prints for sale

Click on link below

"Science of the Mind"  16x24 edition of 20 on fine watercolor paper $80
"Allegory of the Cave" 16x24 edition of 20 on fine watercolor paper $80

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not much has changed

Charcoal on a cave wall 35,000 years ago or 5/7/12 at 7PM. The same dilemma: what do I do next?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1xrun print

Adam Caldwell - As He Rose & Fell (Hand-Embellished Edition)
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Adam Caldwell
As He Rose & Fell (Hand-Embellished Edition)
This Run Drops In:  1 Days 18:41:04
Quantity Available:   25
18 x 24 Inches Giclée on 330gsm Archival Cotton Paper
This RUN from Adam Caldwell will go onsale on May 4, 2012 at 12:24 pm marking the 42nd anniversary of the 1970 Kent State Shootings where 4 protestors were shot and killed by riot police.

"The piece is a combination of photos of a performance art piece and a 1960's civil rights protest. It had drawn a negative reaction from members of the LAPD during the art exhibition as they were kicking out the late patrons. It is based on a fragment of the T.S. Eliot poem "The Wasteland" I was painting this for a series of images involving images of protest from current and 1960's photographs." - Adam Caldwell
The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot

A current under sea
Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose and fell
He passes the stages of his age and youth
Entering the whirlpool.

This RUN will be hand-embellished by Adam Caldwell and will be limited to 25 prints.

This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the old rich send the young poor off to die

I am answering questions from and interviewer who saw my work in London ans I am actually reevaluating some of my ideas based on their questions! Wow! The critical process having beneficial results? Its like art school. Amazing and nice.
 Working on a new piece for Thinkspace show in August. I was down in ugly rat-infested dumps after London. Jet-lag, no sales, lots of money spent, many things to paint in short time. But I am ready and willing to do it now. Lets go!!!


Day one. Very tempted to leave it like this!!! But alas....I cannot.

Day Two. Many small folds of cloth. The reference photo is very small and blurry, so I am making up much of this!

Day three. Getting in there. Getting looser. I bought a squeegee from Home depot. Just to mess around a bit. Pretty cool scrape thingy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in The US

Virgin Atlanic served high tea. Sandwiches with no crust. Crumpets with clotted cream and jam. This was after the free drinks and the beef wellington and the ice cream. Rule Brittania.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day before show

Walking around London. National gallery. Carravagio, Velasquez. "nuff said.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New work for show in London

Work for   Rook and Raven Gallery  in London April 5th.  I am just about done with the pieces and have started on Thinkspace show in August.  Here are the London pieces in Process: 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New print for sale!!!! Click the above to see website! $70 Giclee fine art print on handmade paper. Limited edition of 20. Signed and numbered with a certificate of  authenticity. CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Software is the mind, hardware is the body.

Yes, its the mind-body problem yet again(mind-body), Wait! didn't Descartes figure all that out??? I am doing a series of pieces based on this perennial philosophical issue. I need to send out some emails to various cognitive scientists and philosophers to ask their opinions about representing this visually. I think that will make some cool interactions and interesting stuff for  for people to read about in conjunction with the paintings. Here is one called software. The child is breaking apart old hard-drives for scrap, and the woman is having her head analyzed by an electric phrenology machine.   

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online Prints for sale

Cool Swiss gallery selling prints of my work online. Giclee prints, $70.00 archival paper. Check it out!