Thursday, April 26, 2012

the old rich send the young poor off to die

I am answering questions from and interviewer who saw my work in London ans I am actually reevaluating some of my ideas based on their questions! Wow! The critical process having beneficial results? Its like art school. Amazing and nice.
 Working on a new piece for Thinkspace show in August. I was down in ugly rat-infested dumps after London. Jet-lag, no sales, lots of money spent, many things to paint in short time. But I am ready and willing to do it now. Lets go!!!


Day one. Very tempted to leave it like this!!! But alas....I cannot.

Day Two. Many small folds of cloth. The reference photo is very small and blurry, so I am making up much of this!

Day three. Getting in there. Getting looser. I bought a squeegee from Home depot. Just to mess around a bit. Pretty cool scrape thingy.

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